An Updated Museum Website With Better SEO

Simplifying Norfolk Historical Society’s website, membership, and donations while improving their SEO

Norfolk Historical Society

The director of the Norfolk Historical Society museum had a website problem.  Their website was difficult to update and it wasn’t performing well on Google Search.  A quick review of the WordPress site turned up a few problems.  The original theme was not mobile responsive, meaning the site would be hard to view on a phone, and not rank as well on Google Search.  The site had an e-commerce store, but it was separate from membership, and there wasn’t a way to make an online donation to the museum.

The goals of this project were to make the site mobile-responsive, easy to update, and search engine optimized (SEO).  Since the site was built in WordPress it was an easy matter to build a new theme that was mobile responsive and WordPress has great tools for SEO. We could also use WooCommerce to tie together the gift shop, membership, and donations.

A proposal was written up and accepted and over the course of 5 months, the website was rebuilt tested and launched.

The new site is now much easier to update and all of the e-commerce transactions are in one place.  The website now ranks better on Google search.