WordPress Dev Seacoast Meetup Announcement for January 6, 2014: WordPress JSON REST API

I’m preparing a talk for our local WordPress MeetUp on January 6, 2016.  You’ll learn why WordPress is getting a REST API, why it’s in JSON format, and what do all these acronyms mean.

WordPress JSON REST API Post-Holiday Extravaganza

You may have heard that WordPress has begun the process integrating a JSON REST API in version 4.4.  In this presentation we’ll cover these topics:

  • Why it’s important for WordPress to have an API.
  • What is CRUD, REST, JSON, and how to interface with a REST API.
  • How to configure and interface with the JSON REST API in WordPress
  • We’ll review some code examples in PHP and Javascript.

WordPress started as an open-source blogging tool.  The introduction of custom post types meant WordPress could be used as a full-fledged content management system.  The JSON REST API is a new opportunity for WordPress to become a web application platform.  Come learn about the future of WordPress web development.

See you there. WordPress Dev Seacoast Meetup,  January 6, 2014.