WordCamp US 2015, Day 2

The Setting

Another day of great people and interesting conversations.  Lunch was amazing today, for a conference.  BBQ chicken, beef brisket, corn bread!  Soda! Not just water, ha.  The after-party at Lucky Strike bowling alley was perfect.  Open bar, catered food, fun people, though I couldn’t find the ping pong tables.  I wanted to challenge Derek Smart (Automattic Table Tennis Champion) to a game.

The Talks

Decoupled Development with WordPress JSON APIs:  Watch this talk.  Another inspirational talk about using JavaScript on the front end of a WordPress installation.  Lots of good technical data in this talk.

Make WP_CLI Work For You: Extending WP-CLI With Custom Commands: A talk about writing code to build tools to build websites.  Geek heaven.  If you’re not using WP-CLI, get started.

Gamify WP:  A fun talk on gamification, and how a developer Automattic used the technique to motivate people to test using Calypso to write blog posts.

High Performance WP: A quick talk on all the things one should do.  Yes, I need a better checklist.

Low Tech is Future of WP:  Another solid talk by Eric Mann now how slow WIFI, slow internet connections are an opportunity for WordPress websites.  And l learned Chrome Development Tools can mimic a slow connection for testing.

HTTP API:  Use REST, CRUD in communication with 3rd party APIs?  WordPress has built in functions to make this stuff easier to use.

WP and Museums, Mel Choyce:  A great 2 person talk with a client and a developer and their approach in putting together a website for a museum collection with 40,000 potential pieces of data.  These case study talks are great.

WP for Enterprise, Taylor Lovett: 10up has the best employees, and they give away their best practices.  Cool company.

State of the Word: Matt Mullenwegg maps out the potential future of WordPress.  Great stuff.  Watch this.

Best. WordCamp. Ever.