Your WordPress Website Needs a Plan

A website care plan allows you to rest easy while your website does its work.

WordPress Websites Need to be Updated

It’s possible you haven’t updated your WordPress site in while. You see there’s a new version of WordPress core available for update. There are probably some plugin updates too, but if feels risky to click that update button.  How would the site get restored if the update failed?  Maybe you haven’t added any new content in a while, but you can’t find the time.


You sense there’s a risk, but the site is running OK for now.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Could the site be hacked?  Could the host shut down the site?  How’s the website ranking in Google search page results?  There’s a way to answer those questions and remove that unease.

A Website Care Plan

Under a care plan, your website hums along at 24/7.  Just like a car, a website needs regular care.  Software is kept up to date for security and optimizations.  Your site is backed up daily, so it can be easily restored if something happens.  The site sees a slow, steady increase in visitor traffic with monthly coaching calls, new features, and new content.  Your site rises in search page rankings where your customers can find you.


$95 / month

The Basic Plan, for businesses that need a secure, fast website without a lot content changes.

  • Low commitment.  Cancel anytime.
  • Site is secure.  Core, plugins, and themes kept up-to-date.
  • Optimal performance with database optimizations.
  • Block hackers with security scans and traffic monitoring.
  • Site works 24/7 with uptime monitoring.
  • Know the state of your website with monthly reports.
  • See how and when people are using your site via Google Analytics reports.
  • Get coaching for your website strategy with a monthly consulting call.


Basic Plan Sign Up


$195 / month

The Professional Plan, for businesses that update their site’s content often and need features added monthly.

Everything in the Basic Plan plus,

  • Add features and content with 1 hour of support per month (does not rollover).  Support beyond 1 hour will be charged at an hourly rate ($95/hour).
  • See if you’re attracting the visitors you need with reports on what keywords are working in search.
  • Keep your site error-free with broken link checking.
  • Have help when you need it with a priority response within 1 business day.



Profession Plan Sign Up


$495 / month

The Storefront Plan, for e-commerce and other high-traffic sites.  This plan is for businesses that depend on their website for income.

Everything in the Professional Plan plus,

  • Add features and content with 4 hours of support per month (does not rollover).  Support beyond 4 hours will be charged at an hourly rate ($95/hour).
  • Keep your store running and secure.
  • Sell more products with SEO tuning.
  • Understand what’s selling with reports.
  • Improve sales with conversion goals.
  • Understand and improve the user experience with event monitoring.
  • Keep customers happy with user experience improvements.



Storefront Plan Sign Up