WordPress is Not Just For Blogging

wordpress-developmentIn the Beginning WordPress Was For Bloggers

WordPress has a reputation for being blogging software based on it’s history, and the current 60 Million+ bloggers on WordPress.com.

The open-source version of WordPress comes from WordPress.org.  The widely used blog engine is found on WordPress.com.  Confusing?  Read WordPress.org vs WordPress.com to understand the difference.  We’re discussing the open-source WordPress.org version.  This version has evolved into a flexible content management system (CMS) that is widely tested, supported, and secure.

Pages, Not Blog Posts

95% of my clients use WordPress to display static pages about their businesses or organizations.  There are no blog posts on these sites.  I encourage clients to have a business blog, showing their expertise, but blogging is not for everyone.


25% of all Websites Run on WordPress

WordPress CMS Market Share

Update: Now it’s 25% and rising …

Did you know that WordPress is currently being used by 21.8% of all websites, by far the most commonly used content management system (CMS)? This is due to its flexibility in the hands of a good website designer or web developer, and its ease-of-use for clients, the vast majority of which are not technical.

Usage statistics and market share of WordPress for websites