Meditation and Web Development

Meditation techniques have made me a better web developer.  Let me explain how.

If you develop a lot of code, you may have experienced times when you get stuck on a web design problem.  Usually, I just hunker down, push forward, and keep digging until I find a solution.  It turns out that’s not the most productive way to handle that situation.

As a runner, I get that physical activity can clear the mind as it improves your physical condition.  You can also over-do running, which is why rest days are built into every training program.  The mind needs rest as well.

It’s not intuitive to rest the mind, sounds lazy in fact.  Zen meditation folks warn of ‘monkey brain’, constantly thinking, with our mind jumping from thought to thought.  If you’re stuck on a programming problem, you might be experiencing this phenomenon.

A 5-15 minute meditation break is just the answer.  There are many tools out there, but I like the Calm App.  There’s a free version as well as paid.  I really like the soothing voice of the speaker in the guided meditations.

If you want to combine running and meditation, check out the book Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind.  Great stuff and really mind expanding.

So stop spinning your wheels, and let your mind rest.  The solution to your programming problem will arrive much sooner.