Tracey Miller Wellness

A business blog used to promote healthy living, consultations, and classes.

A client, based in Seacoast New Hampshire, required a website that needed a blog and several pages of static information. They also had their own graphic designer who created a single page design of the home page.

WordPress CMS was chosen as platform. The graphic designer and I collaborated on the layout, colors, and fonts for the site. We went back and forth several times on user interface issues. We also had some interesting discussions on the differences between the design of ‘print’ vs. ‘online’. The outcome of this collaboration was a WordPress Theme that was a pixel perfect match to the graphic designer’s PDF document.

The client also required some assistance in learning the WordPress Dashboard system e.g. writing blog entries, uploading photos, and assigning tags. The entire project was completed in the span of 3 weeks.

Tracey Miller Wellness Website

"Andy helped design my blog. He did a great job and was super helpful with lots of technical issues. He always responded quickly and quickly understood what I was asking him to do. Would definitely recommend him."

- Tracey Miller Osborne